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Basic Points


  Literature for me  means.


1.  A way of communicating my thoughts, beliefs, doubts, concerns etc with others – even with those whom I have never met.

Through my writings (especially the characters  I create) I try to understand  what is the meaning of life, which  is  the greatest mystery – being born or death? Why do people  behave in  such a way? What makes them angry etc?

In this analytical study of my works RUĦU DEJJEM  TFITTEX – CHARLES CASHA – MGĦALLEM / GĦALLIEL, Professor Charles Briffa analyses in detail these concepts.


2. For me characters  are more important than the plot and and as Professor Oliver  Friggieri comments:

Casha writes  about his characters with the love of a portrait painter.


3. I have written for all  ages and as an ex educator for over 40 years, my writings were influenced by my experience with children.


4. The Prostitute Figure, as I call it, appears  a  lot  in my writings for adults and young adults. For me prositutes  represent the ‘victim of society’.


5. I have  a hate and love  relationship with the sea/water  and  this can  be clearly seen  in  my poems.


4. My poems are  short,  easy to understand and most of them of a spiritual nature – sometimes questioning the concept of existentialism which haunts me a lot. What is life? 

5. Back in 1967 I  created the iconic character of Fra Mudest (for children) which is still  popular  among young and old.  Fra Mudest passed from one generation to another.

8. About censorship.  Asked if I am  in favour or  against the idea  of censorship, I always anwered that for me  there are two important factors.

i. the state has a moral obligation to defend the  vulnerable (especially children)

ii. Authors should be responsible and reflect carefully on the effects of  vulgar language,  sexual descriptions, violence etc when they include them in their  writings. Making use of such for cheap publicity is wrong.


9. If one writes for money, to win awards or to create a personal  image, one is more of a businessman than a writer, but if one writes for the love of writing, to express his feelings, then, one is a writer.



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