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Charles Casha was born in Marsa on the 21 st September, 1943. He became a teacher by profession and served for over forty years in the education department. His contribution, as a prolific writer, to Maltese Literature spreads over 50 years.

Casha’s books fall into different categories, each aimed at different ages. He explores situations and characters taken from real life and creates characters about whom he writes with love and respect describing them as if he were a portrait painter.

In spite of the strong demand he had for children’s literature, he managed to publish eight novels, six books of short stories for adults and four books for teenagers.

In 1967 he created Fra Mudest, a character for a series of books for children. This was his greatest success.

His autobiography was published in 2013 under the title of “Jien ukoll għandi storja xi ngħid” (I too have a story to tell).

His poems are collected in three small books “Mumenti” , “Riflessi”  and "Kaskati." 

In October 2013 Charles represented Malta as an author at the Tanpinar Literature Festival in Istanbul.

Two of his poems were translated and published in Frisian on the ENSAFH MAGAZINE website. 

His book L-Appartament fir-Raba' Sular  (The Apartment on the fourth floor ) was translated  to English (Papers in a Tin Box) and Albanian. Some of his short stories have also been translated  to English under the title of The Swans at St.Ives and other stories. 

Both books are on loan  at  the Cambridgehire Central Library.

Nine of his books are to be found on the National Library Of Paris Catalague.

His books  Il-Ktieb ta' Barabba ( The book of Barabbas) and Ktieb għal Amy (A Book for Amy ) were also translated to English under the titles of Fateful Encounters or The Book of Barabbas and A Book for Amy. His book of selected short stories, The Swans at St Ives and other stories is now being translated to Albanian.

He was also awarded the Local Council Medal of Honour by his native village (Marsa) and Ħaż-Żabbar where he resides at present.

Casha was awarded the Midalja għall-Qadi tar-Repubblika in 2012  ( Medal for Service to the Republic) for his contribution to Maltese Literature.

In 2021 together with three other authors (Rita Saliba, Joe Debono and Trevor Zahra) he was awarded the Nazzareno Vassallo Award for his contribution to Ol People's homes during the pandemic through his writings.

In 2020 a study of his works by Professor Charles Briffa, from the University of Malta, was  published by Midsea Books Ltd - RUĦU DEJJEM TFITTEX (his soul is always searching).

On  the 14 th  November 2023, (Maltese Academy Foundation Day) Casha was awardeDd THE GOLDEN MEDAL - MALTESE ACADEMY AWARD - for his contribution to Maltese Literature over the the past 55 years. The Investiture took place at the Sant Anton Presidential Palace under the patronage of H.E. The President of Malta. 

Casha is married to Mary neé Casingena and they have three children, Stefanja, Mark and Kristjana.




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